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Give your business a voice using social media. Use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or LinkedIn to create more sales. Each social media platform has different marketing techniques to take advantage. We help you get the benefits from each and manage all platforms easily.
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“I have been working with Weblinx and in particular Nadz for 4 years. In that time our joint partnership has led to superb organic growth. We have not opted for a quick win in SEO but a long term plan which has seen our rankings on page 1 explode through good navigation and content. We have remained on pg 1 consistently for our relevant key terms. Nadz is a great guy and is always willing to help.”

– Jag, JD Prestige Cars
Facebook marketing is an essential marketing strategy that many businesses use to communicate with their existing and potential customers. The reason Facebook has become so popular in the marketing world is due to the cost-effective opportunity it provides to advertise.

4 Main Areas of our Facebook Marketing Service

To give you the best chance of getting leads out of your Facebook page, our Facebook marketing service covers the essential areas required for people to find your page.
  1. Create Facebook page
  2. Design Facebook page accordingly with your branding
  3. Implement Facebook button on your website
  4. Provide guidance on how to get the most out of your Facebook page
Create Page
Before you can use Facebook for your business, you need a Facebook page. Our team will create you a page so optimised to help your page get found through Facebook and in Google.
Design Page
We design your Facebook page with your brand in mind. We will add a profile picture and a banner using areas from your website to keep it in uniform with your business.
Implement Onsite
We add a Facebook icon to your website which will link to your Facebook page. You have the option to add a button to your website which will allow people to like your page without having to leave your website.
Provide Guidance
We will analyse what your competition are doing & provide you pointers on how to use Facebook to help you produce sales from your Facebook page.
Unlike its competitors such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ makes use of its community through a number of different ways such as community pages, Google places listings and Google+ hangouts.

4 Main Areas We Cover for Google+

Our Google+ marketing service covers the following areas:
  1. Create Google+ page
  2. Design Google+ page according to your brand
  3. Implement Google+ button onto your website
  4. Guide you through how to use Google+ successfully
Create Page
We decise whether you require a normal company page or a local Google+ page. This depends entirely on whether you focus on local customers or you rely on customers from across the country. Once we have established which type of page to create, we will set your page up.
Design Page
We keep your Google+ page in sync with you website design and branding.
Implement Onsite
Once your Google+ page is created, we need to help people find it. We add a button onto your website which will link directly to your Google+ page. Not only can we add a link, but we can also add a button which can be clicked to +1 your Google+ page without visitors leaving your website.
Provide Guidance
We analyse your existing competitors on Google+ and see if they are doing anything which is attracting people to them. With that analysis carried out, we will use our knowledge from using Google+ to provide you the guidance you need to get the most business possible out of your Google+ page.
Our Twitter marketing service can assist your business in generating more sales online through a strategy we have produced over the time Twitter has been available.

4 Areas We Mainly Cover for Twitter

  1. Create business profile on Twitter
  2. Design Twitter profile using the design from your website
  3. Add a button to your website for Twitter
  4. Provide guidance on how to market through Twitter
Create Profile
To get started on marketing through Twitter a profile is necessary for your business to tweet on.
Design Profile
We design your profile is according to your existing website design. This will keep uniformity so people know they are in the right place for your business.
Implement Onsite
To attract visitors to your Twitter profile, we will add a button to your website which will link to your Twitter profile directly. This will help you get a head start on attracting new followers for your Tweets. We will also add a button which helps visitors to your website follow your profile without having to leave your website.
Provide Guidance
Using an analysis on competitors using Twitter in your industry and our own experience in using Twitter, we will provide guidance on how to use your Twitter profile effectively to attract new sales or leads for your business.
Get your business in front of many other companies using LinkedIn. When exploited correctly, LinkedIn can become a big part of an Internet marketing campaign for any business.

4 Key Areas We Cover for LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Create LinkedIn page
  2. Design LinkedIn page using your website as the basis
  3. Add a LinkedIn button to your website
  4. Guide you through how to use LinkedIn correctly
Create Page
We create a LinkedIn page for you that will provide all the information necessary to generate interest from users on LinkedIn. More information can be added at a later stage by yourself whenever you wish.
Design Page
We design your LinkedIn page with the same look and feel as your company website.
Implement Onsite
We add a button on your website which will link directly to your LinkedIn page. This means anyone who clicks the button will be able to view your page. You have the option to add a button which allows users to share your website onto their LinkedIn profiles with little effort.
Provide Guidance
We analyse your competition competition and make you aware of what they are doing together with providing guidance from social media experts.
Optimise your profile on the second largest search engine available with professional videos.

Market Your Products in Video Format through YouTube

There are many forms of media marketing available online such as content marketing which can be extremely successful for businesses when carried out correctly. Video marketing provides your customers with a different way of learning about your services.

Our 4 Main YouTube Marketing Services

  1. Create YouTube channel
  2. Design YouTube channel using your website design
  3. Add YouTube button to your website
  4. Guide you on how to utilise YouTube channel
Create Channel
To add videos to YouTube, you first need a YouTube channel creating for your business. We optimise the channel itself and the videos uploaded to it.
Design Channel
We keep your YouTube channel in uniform with your website design.
Implement Onsite
To help your website visitors find your YouTube channel we will add a button onto your website which links directly to your YouTube channel. We can also embed videos added to the YouTube onto your website.
Provide Guidance
To get the most out of your YouTube channel, we will provide guidance on how your videos should be added onto YouTube, covering areas such as the descriptions, adding transcriptions and use captions where necessary. This guidance will aid you in getting more leads using your videos on YouTube.

“When my website started losing position after a google update, I looked for a new SEO company. Weblinx provided a comprehensive quotation which assured me of their technical ability to carry out a strategy to recover and improve my website ranking and traffic. I’m now seeing the benefit on the bottom line. I’m confident to renew Weblinx services for a continuous relationship as part of our marketing arsenal.”

– Chris Ford, Southern Tank Services Ltd

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