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Weblinx SEO consultants have an invested interest in Google. Weblinx are SEO experts and know what makes Google rank websites on page one, what feedback Google provide regarding visitors and how to get the best optimised content on your web pages to get rankings on page one. You will meet and speak with SEO professionals that understand the complications and concerns website owners have on a regular basis and what options are available to solve the issue you have.

Meet Some of Our SEO Consultants

Craig Upton - SEO Consultant

Craig Upton

Craig Upton founded Weblinx in 2004 and has a strong background within sales & marketing management. Craig has consulted on SEO strategies within large and small companies alike. Being well known within the SEO industry for his success getting websites ranking on page one Google, Craig has ‘easy to understand’ SEO training techniques. Craig’s consultancy service has resulted in sales growth for many UK companies. Make a difference, Call Craig direct on

Adam Heaton - SEO Consultant

Adam Heaton

Adam joined Weblinx in 2008 and has been involved in delivering successful SEO campaigns & SEO consultancy services for over 7 years. Adam has experienced first-hand the most recent algorithm updates by Google and working closely with our team of SEO experts, has helped many of our clients get websites rank page one again after being hit by a Google penalty such as Google Panda, Google Penguin and manual penalties on

Nadim Thobhani - SEO Consultant

Nadim Thobhani

Nadim joined the company from launch having a track record of successfully delivering page one results for websites targeting top key phrases on Having over 13 years’ experience getting websites ranking on page one Google for targeted keywords, Nadim (Nadz) has the expertise & SEO skills essential to deliver results in organic search. Nadim is a reliable SEO account manager making sure your website has a solid foundation for organic growth Email

What to Expect from Our SEO Consultants


We will meet up and get a good idea of your position regarding web design and SEO. Your SEO consultant will ask the right questions to understand your SEO strategy with a purpose needed to get your website moving in the right direction and attracting the right visitors.


Have professional SEO consultants document a strategy to improve your website rankings on Google. Once you understand the plan you will know what is needed to beat your competition. Save time and money getting experienced SEO consultants doing the legwork.


We have a great team that have worked together for many years. We delegate tasks to experienced team members, delivering quality work in quick time. Our consultants get your website equipped to compete on page one in organic search results. We leave no stone unturned!


The detailed monthly SEO reports show your website ranking on together with the amount of visitors to your website. Know where your visitors come from, what device they use and understand what traffic is most valuable to your business. Organic traffic is best.

Case Studies

Read through the SEO case studies showcasing the success our SEO consultants have achieved with websites now ranking at the top of Google.

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