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About UK Property Finance Ltd

UK Property Finance Ltd services include bridging loans, property development finance and commercial finance. UK Property Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FRN 667602 being involved in the world of bridging, development and commercial finance since 2003.

What Was The Problem

The client was ranking on page one Google but was getting very little enquiries. Their website was ranking at the number one slot for many years but since Google made the updates their site plummeted down page one to the number eight position. Their site relied on two phrases only to have ranking and we knew the client was losing out on a lot more business and should increase the amount of key phrases targeted.

What We Did

  1. Keyword Analysis – Researched the key phrases in the bridging loan industry and added all the top 30 terms with the highest search volume.
  2. Content Optimisation – Optimised the website narrative better to target the extra key words in the SEO campaign.
  3. Title Tags & Headings – Amended all title tags and headers with keywords so optimised.
  4. Meta Descriptions – Amended targeted pages with META descriptions so all unique, within character count and targeted the top phrases.
  5. Image Optimisation – Added optimised imagery to targeted pages.
  6. Backlink Analysis – Analysed all backlinks and blocked the links we felt were of poor quality using a Google disavow file.
  7. Backlink Research – Researched the competition and analysed their link profiles to identify what our clients site needed to compete.
  8. Backlink Submissions – Submitted the clients website to good quality finance websites allowing for a mixture that gave a quality natural growth.

Why We Did It

  • Client was not oblivious to the other key phrases that would result in more applications through the website.
  • To compete in the finance industry at the top the client needed all coding cleaned.
  • All title tags need to be well optimised throughout the site for best results.
  • The narrative was ‘weak’ we needed buzz words and quality (not quantity) to ensure the end user was provided with what they needed to know to make an application.
  • The competitive research allowed us to identify other links in the industry that would benefit our client and also make sure we targeted terms they out ranked us for.
  • All poor links needed to be blocked by Google due to the Google Penguin update and we could not take any chances. We wanted top results on page one.

What Was Achieved

We got into the top three positions for all the top key phrases relative to the bridging loans industry resulting in a tremendous increase in applications through the website. Below are a few ranking examples:

  • Bridging loan – pg1 no2
  • Bridging loans – pg1 no2
  • Bridging loan calculator – pg1 no2
  • Bridging loan rates – pg1 no2
  • Commercial bridging loan – pg1 no2
  • Residential bridging loan – pg1 no2
  • Property bridging loan – pg1 no2
  • Auction bridging loan – pg1 no1

UK Property Finance Feedback

“I have worked with Craig Upton from Weblinx for over 10 years now. Our website ranks pg1 Google for my selected terms and we have adjusted to all the new Google updates. We are now ranking at the very top of page 1 for all our top search phrases and our online enquiries are best quality. The SEO consultants at Weblinx are thorough in every detail and they have helped me understand the various elements required for us to have a successful journey online.”

Gary Latham, Owner

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