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About Southern Tank Services

Southern Tank Services was founded by two long term friends and has grown to become one of the largest companies in the sector of domestic and commercial fuel tank installation, replacement and removal. Now operating throughout Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and along the M4 from Bristol all the way to Reading.

What Was The Problem

Tank Services joined Weblinx at a time when his website had slowly started to decline in ranking position on Google and the traffic to their website had suffered as a result. Gradually the ranking and traffic levels declined further and the customer was quickly losing out on potential customers as a result. Due to the timing of ranking drop on Google, it was suspected the website had been affected by the Google Penguin 3.0 algorithm.

What We Did

  1. Analyse Link Profile – As we had suspected that Penguin 3.0 may be the culprit, we analysed all incoming links and distinguished which links we believed to be poor quality.
  2. Disavow File Creation – After identifying links we felt were poor in quality, we attempted to remove all weak links by making contact with the websites directly. As a secondary precaution we ensured that the links were included in a Disavow file which we submitted through Google Search Console
  3. Outgoing Links – We identified over 50 links leaving the website so ensured all links to other websites were set with a ‘NoFollow’ attribute.
  4. 404 Errors – Our team collectively identified and corrected over 30 broken links within the website which had resulted in 404 errors.
  5. Pagination Issues – Corrected an issue with the way pagination was setup, which at the time meant page content was being indexed multiple times across many web pages.
  6. Adjustment of Keyword Allocation – We felt it was slightly unclear to Google which key words were to be associated to which pages. This was due to content and links internally not being clear on exact focus pages.
  7. Page Content Revamp – We recreated page content across many pages to better target exact terms that had best relativity in regards to the section of page of the site. The content we create is well optimised giving us the advantage on the competition that had not made the effort to research best key words to use.
  8. On-Page SEO – All titles, headers and META were updated and structured clearly to identify which keywords were relevant to for each page.
  9. Internal Linking – An internal linking strategy was implemented selecting relevant product pages, related categories and topics within blog posts to support pages in the website which were more appropriate for users and search engines alike.
  10. Supporting Links – Implemented a few supporting links from the sister website to aid in link theme relevancy. We use our clients assets where possible so they can get the best out of them.
  11. Link Research & Submission – Researched the competition and other strong companies online to identify links of high quality. We then submitted our client to these links incrementally.

Why We Did It

  • The website had been seemingly hit by a Google Algorithm update
  • We had to ensure the website was updated to be better optimised to help the website rank page one Google for targeted search terms.
  • The existing link profile needed to be analysed to remove any links we believed to be of poor quality which may have contributed to the ranking drop.
  • New links had to be researched and submitted to replace the links of poor quality we had disavowed previously. We researched and submitted Tank Services to our quality network of sites we have tested and know work for Google.

What Was Achieved

Continuous improvement in website ranking position and a steady increase in traffic levels each month. The number of page one ranked search terms the client holds currently is the highest amount they have had within the lifetime of their website being online.

The client has noted a significant increase on feedback relaying that “Google Search” was the way in which prospective customers had heard about the company.

Some examples of keywords ranking on Google.co.uk Page One:

  • Fuel bowser
  • Steel diesel tank
  • Diesel bowser
  • Oil tank removal
  • Diesel tank removal
  • Underground fuel tank

Tank Services Feedback

“When my website started losing position after a Google update, I looked for a new SEO company to support my business online. I am now seeing the benefit on the bottom line and am confident to recommend Weblinx services as you are a trusted team.”

– Chris Ford, Owner

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