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Statons are highly a reputable estate agent with head office in Barnet, North London. Statons have offices based across North London in the following areas: Barnet, Totteridge, Hadley Wood, Brookmans Park, Radlett and Hadley Green. Statons estate agents deal with property sales and property rentals over a vast selection of prime properties together with commercial property sales in highly sort after locations in North London.

What Was The Problem

The website was not ranking on page one Google for any geographical (locations) terms. was not appearing page one for any key words for when users were searching for an estate agents in the local area to their estate agent branches. There were basic SEO additions required for the website to rank page one Google and a lot of the content needed to be better optimised.

What We Did

  1. Keyword Analysis – Keyword research to identify key terms that deliver traffic from users actively searching each month on Google We identified over 900+ key phrases to use for the SEO campaign to ensure we raised traffic levels to the website each month.
  2. Website Audit – We carried out a thorough website audit to identify issues that need fixing or improving upon. We identified many areas that needed to be implemented according to Google’s latest criteria. A sample of the elements found were broken links, internal redirection, and general SEO element fix up (titles, headers, meta).
  3. New Web Page Creation – New optimised web pages needed to be created for the local estate agents offices to achieve better rankings
  4. Google Local – Map creation and optimisation was created for each local branch location with much success for when local searches are done.
  5. Content Optimisation – All the narrative onsite needed to be updated using targeted key phrases and buzz words to enhance content.
  6. Linking Strategy – A linking strategy was implemented onsite using relevancy and tact so as not to over optimise.
  7. Competitive Research – Research into competitors to identify links of high quality that could be sourced from external sources to compliment on-site SEO and to make sure we were made aware of all key words the competition were targeting allowing the client to make the final selection on phrases.
  8. Link Submission – We researched the industry and for quality links and submitted the website to a mixture of links allowing for a natural link strategy.

Why We Did It

  • Website needed to have a better and more SEO friendly structure in place.
  • Website held google ranking previously but did not have the top rankings needed and as a result business was potentially being lost to rival firms.
  • Content and estate agent location pages had to be created as the website was not ranking for local terms on page one Google.
  • Google maps creation went hand in hand with branch page creation and was a necessary requirement. Google local has worked very well in delivering traffic from Geographical targeted key words.
  • We needed to increase traffic and enquiries. Top do this we had to target many long tail phrases to ensure we cornered the market for North London property sale search terms.
  • The website needed good quality links to support all the SEO efforts we had made onsite. The result was fantastic.

What Was Achieved

  • Significant increase in ranking with over 500+ key phrases ranking in the top three on page one Google.
  • Traffic levels rose to highest numbers as yet seen in the lifetime of the website analytics. Traffic levels increase each month due to more rankings achieving top slots on page one in search.
  • Increase in number of enquiries from the website contact form.
  • Increase in sales growth for Statons Estate Agents.

A sample of the top phrases in the import industry below that our client ranks for on page one Google:

  • Estate Agents Barnet
  • Estate Agents Totteridge
  • Estate Agents Hadley Wood
  • Estate Agents Brookmans Park
  • Estate Agents Radlett

Statons Feedback

“Thanks to the Weblinx Team for helping my company grow. We had worked with other SEO companies in the past resulting in our website not ranking at the top of Google. Since I met Craig at my offices I enjoyed the transparent approach and the ethics in which he engaged my team. The SEO consultants at Weblinx have been very helpful in getting my team to understand what was required of them when creating narrative for our properties and blog. My website ranks page one Google for so many key phrases Weblinx recommended and our enquiries have been great – a BIG thanks all round!”

– Nick Staton, Owner

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