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About Riverside Shutters

Riverside Shutters are a London based plantation window shutters company with many years experience supplying and fitting window shutters throughout London. Over the years Riverside Shutters have received a large number of positive reviews regarding their services resulting with a perfect score 10/10 on checkatrade.com.

What Was the Problem

The website had dropped from all rankings on page one Google. The website was suffering from a Google penalty.

What We Did

  1. Google Penalty Check – We identified that the reason for the disappearance from the rankings on Google was due to a link penalty. We identified a large number of low quality backlinks coming into the website resulting in a penalty applied by the Google Penguin algorithm.
  2. Disavow File – We created a disavow file to let Google be made aware that we wanted rid of the low quality links and were making efforts to do so. We spent a few weeks cleaning up the link profile as there were many links we had to manually scrutinise. All was updated via the Google webmaster account for Riverside Shutters.
  3. Website Audit – To recover the websites rankings we needed to identify any existing SEO issues on the website itself to show Google efforts were being made to clean up and optimise the website so more search friendly for Google and the end user.
  4. Website Revamp – We cleaned up further SEO issues we identified onsite after doing a website audit. We updated all title tags. Headers, META descriptions and optimised the images to enhance the SEO onsite. We were happy with the revamp and the website was a lot better optimised.
  5. New Domain Purchase – We then purchased a new domain name for the website and 301 redirected the old domain to the new domain name. This technique does help Google allow rankings back a lot quicker into their organic results
  6. Link Submissions – We researched the best links in the industry using our own previous researched network and submitted the new domain to good quality sites.

Why We Did It

  • Riverside Shutters came to us with next to no rankings for their website, despite having ranked highly in Google for a number of years previously.
  • We needed to be thorough and ensure that all poor links were removed according to Google so the Riverside website could rank again on page one.
  • The actual website needed to be updated so the content was well optimised according to Google Panda. We knew that every efforts made would assist us getting the website back to page one.
  • The website lacked organic traffic and the client needed extra enquiries as there was a clear decline in traffic since the site dropped from Google page one organic search results.
  • Through previous experience with recovering websites rankings from Google penalties, we knew that by redirecting a website once all the issues which existed on the website had been corrected would give us the opportunity to start on a clean slate.
  • We needed to have good quality links supporting then new domain and the reason we spent many weeks researching before submitting was the need to be careful not to make the same mistake again that incurred the Google Penguin penalty in the first instance.

What Was Achieved

We got the new domain name ranking page one Google for the clients top search terms in quick time. A few examples of Google page one rankings are below:

  • window shutters London
  • shutters London
  • shutter fitters Surrey
  • wooden shutters London
  • wooden shutter suppliers London
  • shutter suppliers London
  • shutter fitters London
  • plantation window shutters London
  • plantation shutters London

Riverside Shutters Feedback

“I have been working with Craig and the team at Weblinx for a number of years and have had a great relationship with the company, benefiting significantly from the success of their SEO works. They’ve kept up to date with the Google changes and updates and made necessary tweaks to my campaign to ensure I remain firmly on page 1. Another helpful point to mention, is that they provide monthly reports on activity, which proves their transparent approach to working with their clients to ethically improve your rank in Google.”

– Jerry Dyer, Owner

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