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About London Plastercraft

London Plastercraft is a plastering company which was founded in 1990 by two apprentices, Mark Mckeever and Bill Thompson. They provide a vast range of plaster products which include cornices, ceiling roses and pilasters which cover many different time periods such as Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian.

What Was The Problem

The website they were using to promote their company was a single page website which had little to no information available to help encourage visitors to use the site together with the website being poorly designed. The website was impossible to find on Google for any keywords in their industry. It was clear that no search engine optimisation techniques had been carried out for the website. The client let us know two competitors they wanted to beat in Google rankings and we researched what needed to be done for our client to rank above their competition.

What We Did

  1. Designed / Developed Website – We created a new website using WordPress as a CMS platform, allowing the client to update the website regularly with new plaster products when they became available.
  2. Keyword Research – We researched and analysed a large number of keywords for the plaster products industry to identify the most searched for terms to target.
  3. HTTPS – We redirected the website from http:// to https:// to benefit from Google’s ranking boost for any website on a secure domain name.
  4. URL Changes – We added a large number of pages to the website to cover the variations of plaster products, ensuring a well optimised and structured hierarchy was utilised.
  5. Optimisation of Titles / Headers – We optimised the title tags and headings on each of the targeted pages onsite with the appropriate keywords. All title tags relevant and unique throughout the site.
  6. Image Optimisation – When developing the website we ensured that every image is optimised where possible for the targeted keywords to improve the image visibility through Google’s image search.
  7. Content Optimisation – We created and optimised content for each of the targeted pages onsite to ensure the content is relevant and includes the appropriate keywords. Getting the right balance of phrases on page helps get top slot on Google.
  8. Targeted Internal Links – Utilising the pages onsite, we implemented an internal linking strategy throughout the website using variations of keyword rich anchor text to push targeted pages.
  9. External Links – Each month we have researched, analysed and acquired new quality backlinks for the website to ensure the backlink portfolio was regularly developed and Google penalty safe.
  10. Local SEO – As London Plastercraft work regularly with local customers, we made sure the site ranked well for when searches were made within the local vicinity. We did this by creating a Google map, gathering local citations and implementing onsite SEO tweaks to make strong for local.

Why We Did It

  • A poor website design is less likely to convert a visitor into a paying customer which is why a new website design was paramount.
  • New plaster products are regularly added to the London Plastercraft catalogue which meant an admin panel was required so staff members could add the product info when they became available.
  • With no efforts made previously to optimise the website, the site needed a complete SEO overhaul to ensure the site was geared up for the targeted keywords and Google clearly understood what each web page offered.
  • The website was not visible in Google previously for any search terms which meant other plastering companies were likely to be chosen over them and London Plastercraft were losing out on a big opportunity to get more business from organic search results on Google.

What Was Achieved

The website can now be found on page one of Google for a number of best searched keywords in their industry. Traffic levels increased tremendously resulting in a lot of new business.

A sample of the top phrases in the plaster products industry below that our client ranks for on page one Google:

  • Cornices
  • Art Deco Coving
  • Victorian Coving
  • Coving Lighting
  • Plaster Mouldings

London Plastercraft Feedback

“Thanks to Craig and Adam for all the hard work and quick responses to our queries. You and all the team at Weblinx have helped our company grow and increase sales year on year.”

– Mark Mckeever & Bill Thompson, Owners

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