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About Import Marques

Import Marques have been importing prestige cars to trade and private customers across the globe since 2001. Import Marques specialise in tax free car export for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes, plus many other big car brands. Import Marques have become one of the UK’s leading car import and export companies.

What Was The Problem

The website had rankings on Google for target prestige car imports but none were in the top half of page one (where most of the traffic visits) and the client was in the process of getting a new web design. Import Marques approached us in 2004 to optimise their new website which was under development by another web design company.

What We Did

  1. Keyword Research – To ensure the website was a success we carried out a thorough keyword analysis to identify the best keywords in the car import and export industry, to ensure we covered the best phrases, including long tail keywords, for the SEO campaign. The main aim was to increase sales growth for the business.
  2. Website Audit – We then carried out a thorough SEO audit on the new website to identify all errors with the website and identify the areas which needed to be improved on. This included checking for weak or duplicated page titles, headings, identifying 404 errors and weak or thin content.
  3. Onsite Works – We amended all duplication in title tags, headers, META descriptions and content throughout the site (especially on targeted pages).
  4. Internal Linking – we implemented an internal linking strategy between the web pages giving preference to targeted pages.
  5. Link Research – we researched the competition and used our network of quality sites we have researched over time that fit into Google Penguins criteria.
  6. Link Submissions – We gradually submitted the new website to the links we researched providing a seamless natural growth from a links perspective.
  7. Working with Clients Design Company – Once we had identified all areas which needed to be worked on, we communicated closely with both the client and the web design company to optimise all areas before the new website was launched. This included documenting a redirect strategy pointing all old URL’s to new URL’s, creating and optimising new content for the website utilising keywords which had been identified through our keyword analysis and preventing duplicated content getting read by search engines throughout the website using ajax.

Why We Did It

  • Although the website already had some rankings (they did not want to lose) we knew that we could improve the rankings further up page one on Google and get a lot more keywords ranking on page one to increase traffic levels each month.
  • We had to make sure the new website was fully optimised for all relevant key words before the new website was launched.
  • We wanted Google to acknowledge a big effort was made onsite to make more search friendly.
  • The web design company they were using had no experience in optimising a website and the owner was confident they required an SEO company to get involved before the transition over to the new website.
  • The links submitted were needed for our client to compete at the top on page one Google.

What Was Achieved

Within a number of weeks the website had improved its positioning on page one on Google for the key phrases they previously ranked for and had many more keywords ranking on page one that we had identified in the keyword analysis, resulting in an increase in traffic levels from the first month. All the extra traffic was from organic search results on Google.

A sample of the top phrases in the import industry below that our client ranks for on page one Google:

  • Audi imports
  • BMW imports
  • Ferrari imports
  • Lamborghini imports
  • Mercedes imports
  • Porsche imports

Import Marques Feedback

“Since Weblinx have worked on my website we have received a lot more visitors than ever before. Adam has been extremely helpful and professional in helping my team understand what was needed to make sure we were secure in getting our website good for Google. A big thanks to Adam and the team at Weblinx for all your support over the years.”

– Raj Bedi, Owner

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