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About EJM Investigations

EJM Investigations are an independent private detective agency based in the North West of England. EJM Investigations is owned by Edmund Magdziarek, a private detective with over 10 years’ experience, with a proven track record delivering positive results. EJM cover most types investigations in both the Private and Corporate sector. In the private sector EJM cover surveillance, tracing missing persons, criminal defence and business tracking whilst in the corporate sector background checks and vetting, trace debtors, surveillance, pre-sue reports and debugging.

What Was The Problem

When EJM Investigations came on board with Weblinx, the website held minimal ranking in Google organic search. As a result the website was not generating leads. The website was not optimised and a total revamp of coding within title tags, headers and Meta’s needed doing. The narrative was poor quality and not informative enough for the end user. EJM only had ranking in Google for two locations of the twenty+ areas they covered.

What We Did

  1. Local Optimisation – To ensure we resulted in an increase in traffic we researched all the local areas in the North West that EJM investigations covered and got the client to approve an extended researched key word list.
  2. Creation of pages – New content and pages were created for the website to enable us to affectively target the local area key phrases and helped the website grow in the amount of pages on the site. We continue to expand on this task every few months as and when the client was able to confirm more areas he was targeting.
  3. Onsite Coding SEO – We ensured all page titles, headers, META and content was updated and well optimised (keyword placement within web page copy).
  4. Internal Linking – we implemented an internal linking strategy within the website between the web pages giving preference to targeted locations that the client wanted to prioritise and allowing for relativity.
  5. Link Research – we researched the competition the client let us know he wanted to beat in the Google rankings and got the best of what they had long with using our network of quality sites we have researched over time that fit into Google Penguins criteria.
  6. Link Submissions – We submitted the EJM website to the various platforms we obtained from our research, providing a seamless natural link growth for Google. Each month we research links and submit our client sites, and then research further.
  7. Press Releases – Occasional press release creation and distribution of newsworthy articles regarding the EJM company updates on progress and expansion.
  8. Blog – we added a blog to the website so that the client could engage with his users and provide useful posts about why and how a private detective agency may be used in the various scenarios people may not have considered or been made aware of. The blog is kept updated regularly to compliment the web development process each month and engage users when onsite.
  9. Response Design – the website was recoded and styled to fit optimally within mobile phones and tablets. This decision was taken due to the high amount of traffic we identified visiting the website from devices that needed a responsive design for a good user experience.

Why We Did It

The website was only ranking for two locations although EJM Investigations offer services across many other locations in the North West. We needed to get to page one for more locations so the EJM website could be found. Our client now ranks on page one Google for fifteen locations increasing traffic levels and enquiries.

The redesign of the website into a responsive format was to ensure that all website visitors regardless of device used, were able to have a good experience. Due to the increase in visitors on devices each month across the board, the website started to convert traffic from mobile phones and tablets

The links we submitted were needed for our client to compete at the top on page one Google and cement their position as the leaders within their market in the North West.

What Was Achieved

Our client has over one hundred page one rankings targeting all serves and variations within over 15 locations, opposed to having only two locations prior to Weblinx getting involved. There is a steady increase in organic search traffic and leads generated from the website on a monthly basis.

A few examples of search terms ranking organically within first page of Google:

  • Private detective Preston
  • Private detective Blackburn
  • Private detective Wigan
  • Private detective Manchester
  • Private detective Burnley
  • Private detective Blackpool
  • Private detective Lancaster

EJM Investigations Feedback

“Weblinx were the only SEO company who had a clear plan of action and a timescale. Over the course of the last few years my website has made page 1 on Google for the majority of our targeted keywords and locations.”

– Edmund Magdziarek, Owner

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