Using hreflang tags to increase the effectiveness of multilingual SEO

If you want to improve your search engine positions in other countries in order to attract more international traffic to a multilingual website then you really should be making the most of hreflang tags in order to let Google know what particular language a page has been written in.

By using these special tags, you can also ensure what particular piece of content will actually be delivered to users in a specified country.

The main rule of thumb when taking advantage of the functionality provided by hreflang tags is that they should only be used in situations where the exact same content is provided in more than just one language.
Additionally, these languages should always be grouped together as a unified set in the header of each page offering a different version of the same page.

An example of this is that if you had a page of content which was available in French, Spanish, English and German – then you would use all of them in the header section of each page of your HTML code and for every single one of the languages you are catering for.

Thus, the following would appear in its entirety on your UK, French, Spanish and German pages:

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en” href=”” />
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”fr” href=”” />
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”” />
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”de” href=”” />

As opposed to just the following in isolation (see code below) on just the Spanish page, and so on.

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”” />

multilingual SEOAs long as the pages you are linking together by using these special language tags all have the same content – albeit, each in their native tongue, Google will rank you accordingly for each page in question depending on which country the search query arrived from.

Although this post is rather short, we thought it deserved our readers’ attention as the SEO benefits of using these tags will be a great help to anyone selling products and services both home and abroad using the natural search listings to achieve more sales.

Now you can improve your positions in the different versions of Google search which are provided for other nationalities by means of a simple tag in your website’s code.