Should we listen to advice from the Google SEO team?

Should SEOs Really Be Listening to the Google Team?

In the world of search engine optimization, we are often bombarded with various blogs and articles telling us what we should and shouldn’t do if we want our websites to rank more prominently in the organic search listings.

However, how much of this help is genuinely trustworthy, and just how reliable are Google’s spokespeople in terms of delivering valuable insights that we can realistically implement in order to gain that competitive edge on our fellow webmasters?

According to Gary Illyes, the folks at Google do get things wrong from time to time and it is always within our best interests to question almost everything they say in terms of SEO advice.

A recent Tweet from Gary, published just before the weekend break, reads as follows:

Of course, if you do want to improve ranking positions then it is always a good idea to take Google’s guidelines into account, just to prevent anything nasty from happening later on or somewhere down the road.

At the end of the day, people like Gary Illyes and John Mueller are only human beings and it would be somewhat silly to change the way you go about optimizing your site, especially from the ground up, each and every time they publish a Tweet or make some throwaway comment during an online exchange.

When it comes to search optimization, you should always trust your own instincts and monitor your progress as and when various changes are implemented.

If you do make a few changes here or there on your website, and you start to see your search positions fall off the radar, then it’s a safe assumption that you’ve probably done something wrong, even if you only made those changes because of something you read on an SEO forum and they were supposed to help.