Redirects No Longer Have a Negative Impact on PageRank – According To Google

According To Google, 301 Redirects (and 302 or any other 30x redirects) No Longer Have a Negative Impact on PageRank.

Recently, Gary Illyes – who serves as a direct spokesperson for Google itself – has said that any redirects – whether they are permanent (301), temporary (302) or of any other description (30x), will no longer affect PageRank in the way that they used to.

As a leading analyst of Google webmaster trends, Gary Illyes has only just confirmed that the implementation of any redirects which have been used by those who have transferred domains or shifted their content from one static URL to another, will not be penalised in terms of PageRank dilution.

This marks a dramatic change from how things were just over five years ago, in the murky depths of 2010! Back then, if you used a 301 or any other type of 30x redirect, the chances were that you would be negatively affected in terms of any hard-fought search positions you had gained in the natural listings.

However, in 2013, Matt Cutts himself said that any 301 redirects would not lose any value from an SEO point of view – although this did not confirm whether or not 302 or 30x redirects would affect PageRank by means of dilution. in fact, it seemed that by merely omitting to mention 302s and any other type of redirect – Mr Cutts was confirming any existing suspicions which were being harboured by the SEO community at large.

Does redirection of URLS impact your search positioning?The good news is, or at least seems to be, that if you have changed domain names and you have been forced to use redirects as a means of keeping the existing flow of traffic to your website running smoothly then you shouldn’t notice any difference at all in terms of ranking positions for your chosen search terms.

Apparently, although there are many SEOs out there who refuse to take Google’s word for granted, things have been like this for a while – all of this according to John Mueller who is another Google employee entitled to speak aloud on behalf of the search giant directly to those who rely solely on search giant in order to attract organic traffic to their websites.

Up until recently, it was believed by many to be the case that anyone using temporary redirects would be penalised which means that this current blog post is big news for anyone who has invested time and money in search and has legitimate concerns on how they would be affected by using redirects – which are sometimes unavoidable.