Christmas 2016 did not see any significant Google updates or algorithm changes

No Google algorithm changes over the Christmas holidays!

Webmasters and SEO companies who have experienced a drop in traffic over the festive break have very little to worry about if they think that a recent algorithm update is to blame.

Although there has been some talk relating to traffic and algorithm anomalies throughout the final week of December and the start of the New Year, it turns out that this is perfectly normal for the time of year – particularly when most of us have been spending time off work with family, in a galaxy far, far away from our computer screens.

In fact, even Google themselves were on holiday during this period, for the most part, with Paul Bakaus from the AMP team commenting:

“It’s that time of the year where all of your co-workers turn into email-loving bots that never fail to remind you they’re out of office.”

However, this hasn’t stopped people from speculating that something big has taken place – although John Mueller has said that these are just normal fluctuations.

This particular comment was in response to a user questioning whether or not the mobile first index was affecting traffic to his site. Although Google has been running one or two mobile-first index experiments throughout early December, the dip in traffic is more than likely associated with the fact that most of us have simply been working much less.

Of course, the mobile-first index is still waiting to go live, so, if you have noticed a significant drop in the amount of incoming traffic visiting your site then the reason behind it is nothing more than the holiday season being slow.