Google search snippets

New “Tag” Functionality in Google Search Snippets

If you have been searching online over the past few days with your favourite search engine, you may have come across one of the new test features that Google has been tinkering with of late.

When searching for a particular product or page, you may or may not have noticed a brief list of tags, which appear just beneath the URL, and just above the featured snippet of text.

So What Are These Tags, And What Do They Do?

The actual tags themselves appear to be page-specific keywords relating to the content you are searching for.

For example, if your query relates to a particular programming language, such as C++ or Python, the displayed Tags are related to the individual web pages that are returned by the search engine.

When searching for Python, the homepage returns the following Tags:

Similarly, the landing page that contains the documentation for Python is also displayed with a relevant selection of tags:

Although Google have acknowledged the fact that they are experimenting with these new tags, they have not confirmed why they are there, what they are for or how they should be used.

At least for now, if you decide to click on one of these tags, nothing actually happens, so quite why they are there in the first place still remains something of a mystery.