More Google Algorithm Updates and Ranking Changes to Come

With the vast majority of webmasters and SEOs only just getting to grips with the recent Penguin 4.0 rollout – and its sibling recovery stage – the last thing we were all expecting right now was an additional number of updates and changes which are said to be just around the corner!

Of course, the fact that Google are consistently tweaking and updating their algorithms and ranking signals behind the scenes should come as no surprise to anyone – but what exactly are these changes and how will they affect those already experiencing dramatic fluctuations in terms of their organic search engine positions?

The Penguin 4.0 Update
As we previously reported in a recent blog post, Penguin 4.0 was officially announced and rolled out a week or two back – although the general consensus is that the update itself is actually being introduced in sections.

In fact, the actual date of the roll-out was somewhere around the 22nd and 23rd of September – although many SEOs reported significant ranking fluctuations taking place around two to three weeks earlier – quite possibly as part of a testing procedure before the official launch date.

So What Does Google’s Gary Illyes Have To Say?
Following a recent Twitter exchange in which one user in particular asked Mr Gary Illyes where or not we could expect any “tinkering” with the Penguin 4.0 algorithm, Gary himself had the following to say:

“We always tinker, so yes, in a way or other, you can expect more changes”

Whether this means that the Penguin 4.0 update is not yet complete – or that there are going to be imminent changes in terms of Google’s other algorithms – is something that remains to be seen.

Our Final Words
With so many algorithms and ranking updates to contend with already, it seems like the only thing we can do is get on with our lives and ensure that the content we provide is highly informative and of the highest attainable quality from the reader’s perspective – whilst simultaneously ensuring that any links we are relying on to boost our positions are legitimate and trustworthy.