It’s Official – Google Fred Algorithm is Up and Running

Around 6 weeks ago, we issued a blog post that stated a new Google Algorithm had just been introduced, which was having a strange affect on a number of ranking positions for sites that were previously doing quite well.

Although nobody was quite sure what the algorithm was targeting, it has since transpired that the aim of the update is to demote websites with low value content.

When asked why a particular site that was ranking on page one, had now practically fallen off the radar, John Mueller had the following to say:

“Essentially, if you are following the Google guidelines and you are doing things technically right, then that sounds to me like there might just be just quality issues with regards to your site. Things that you can improve overall when it comes to the quality of the site.”

He then went on to say that webmasters affected by the algorithm update should pull out all the stops, and take a “real stab” at improving the quality of their pages and not just “tweak” a few meta tags or lines of code to see if they could get their previous ranking positions back on track.

Another piece of advice that he gave was to get a few random people from different backgrounds to look at your site and ask their honest opinions about what could be better.

In particular, if you have a site with a large number of products on different pages, and you are using minimal descriptions or content that has been scraped, then having this content rewritten and enhanced by a professional could be the easiest way to improve your positions whilst also providing a significantly better experience for the target audience you are trying to reach.