Is Penguin Finally Here?

If you have a keen interest in search engine optimization, are curious about the arrival of Google’s latest Penguin 4.0 update and want to see how it will affect your search positions then you will be glad to know that finally, the wait is very nearly over – or is it?

According to John Mueller, who works for Google, the new Penguin 4.0 update will definitely be rolling out very soon indeed – although he was completely unable to say precisely when this would be whilst being quizzed over the impending algorithm change during a recent Google Hangout talk.
In fact, you can see John answering the question of whether or not Penguin would be rolled out for yourself in the following video:

So, according to those in the loop, it still – rather frustratingly – looks like we’ll just have to wait and see!

Some Potential Pitfalls

Find out what the new Google Penguin Algorithm means for you and your websiteAlthough the Penguin update is said to be imminent – there are many SEOs who are less than inspired by its addition as a new ranking signal – and not because they have built their PageRank using unethical links. More over because there has been quite a bit of foul play going on behind the scenes by SEO companies intentionally abusing Penguin in order to demote some of their more successful rivals.

This is done by placing large numbers of exact match links on newly created websites which have been set up specifically in order to fool the Penguin algorithm into believing that the pages being linked to are trying to boost search engine positions illegitimately.

As Google have taken something of a while to roll this update out, it is now a serious concern whether or not Penguin will spot these unethical attempts at sabotage and whether hardworking webmasters will be penalized for these links which have been deliberately created by as a form of black hat SEO.

Make sure you keep up to date with Google PenguinOf course, webmasters can always use the disavow tool which Google provides in order to prevent any damage caused by spammy links, but many small business owners are completely unaware of these methods of foul play which are being implemented by their more unscrupulous competitors and subsequently they might find that their PageRank drops significantly through no obvious fault of their own whilst wondering if they themselves are to blame.

As always, you should stay vigilant and keep a constant eye on who is linking to your website using a proven backlink checker and, if you do spot any serious anomalies, take the necessary measures to eliminate these problems at the earliest opportunity.