Increase Your Company’s Social Media Presence With Our Step By Step Guide

So the time has come when you’ve decided to take the plunge and finally set up your very own social media account with a view to attracting new followers and strengthening ties with your existing customer base – but how do you actually go about getting new followers whilst extending your reach in the brave new world of online marketing? Below are a few simple guidelines that we have chosen to share with our readers in order to help them get the most from the various social media platforms which are waiting for you to take advantage of.

1) Establishing Your Brand Name and Business Identity

If you are serious about success in the world of online marketing then the first thing you will need is a well-designed, fully working social media page that is visibly branded with your company logo so that there is no confusion whatsoever as to who you are. With so many companies already competing in the same online arena, and with so many of them having similar names and products, standing out from the crowd is absolutely essential. Your social media page should grab the attention of all your visitors with the greatest of ease, containing as many logos and easily identifiable images as possible so that your customers know precisely who they are visiting. You also want to avoid leaving any of the fields blank in your social media profile so that people aren’t left wondering who you are and what you do.

2) Making the Most of Your Existing Customers

One of the simplest methods of attracting new followers is by reaching out and making use of the customers who are already under your wing. Why not start by adding a few colourful icons to your profile which are linked to your company website that will encourage your current followers to click and share your page with their friends. If you have an online business, then it’s always a good idea to send out an up to date newsletter notifying your customers that your social media pages have gone live. You can also provide your followers with a range of incentives such as offering them exclusive news and discounts through your social media account before they are announced elsewhere. Of course, you will obviously need to make sure that these incentives are actually delivered to your followers once you have decided to offer them.

3) Take Advantage of Hashtags

If you want your online followers to consider your social media page to be a useful source of information then why not use hashtags to keep on top of the latest trends and topics? Hashtags are to be found everywhere on the internet and they provide one of the quickest means of finding out what the current buzzwords are and what people want or are interested in. Additionally, if someone has a question about your products or services then make the effort to get involved with them by answering their queries in person. This shows that you are keen to build a useful and lasting relationship with your customers without losing touch with their needs and requirements.

4) Provide Content That Is Worth Sharing

As a general rule of thumb, the more people that are willing to share your content – the greater the number of visitors and potential customers you will attract. Of course, the content that you are offering your customers will need to be good if you want them to share it with their friends so it is important that you are up to date with your followers and that your posts are relevant to their needs. A little research will go long way, so make sure you keep your ear to the ground and read up on what people are saying about your products and services. You want your customers to feel that they are being listened to and that their needs are being catered for. Additionally, treat each post as if it is about to go viral as you never know when it will!

5) Show Off Your Talents!

If you are about to unleash a newsworthy social media post that you want the whole world to see then by all means pull out all the stops and let yourself go with it! By promoting your most interesting and vibrant posts, you will attract more and more people to your page which will in turn create more interest around your other pages. With Social Media, you can reach an almost infinite number of followers and as a form of self-promotion, social media is also one of the most far reaching and cost effective types of marketing currently available. Of course, with great power comes responsibility – so make sure you use each post intelligently. If you are looking to attract as many followers as possible, then remember that Facebook and Twitter offer paid services that will get your posts noticed by more people.

6) Create Interactive Relationships With Your Followers

Instead of just using your social media account to promote your hottest products and latest services, why not take the opportunity to get to know your customers on a more personal level by building relationships with them? Most people who visit Social Media pages, do so because they want to get to know more about a company that they use and trust.

By taking the time to communicate directly with your followers whilst engaging with them on a one-to-one level, you will make your customers feel much more valued and appreciated which can only be a good thing for your business! By learning more about your customers needs and wants, you will also be better equipped to give them what they want. Online quizzes, opinion polls and competitions can be a fun way of doing this and they will also encourage your readers to share your page with others. Try to make your social media page a hive of interactivity that will keep your visitors coming back for more!

Of course, attracting visitors is a great place to start but keeping them interested in your social media page is another. It’s a good idea to monitor your traffic so that you can keep providing your guests with more and more of whatever it is that they find appealing about your site and less of what they aren’t interested in.