How Useful Are Header and Footer Links for SEO Purposes?

If you are a webmaster or professional web designer looking to improve your search engine positions for chosen anchor text links and you are unsure of where to put them for maximum SEO benefit then you might find yourself somewhat confused depending on where you turn for information. With so many conflicting opinions out there, we decided it was time to do a little research of our own which is why we have decided to publish this short yet highly informative blog on the matter.

So, what are the benefits of placing your own on-site links within the internal pages of your website inside the main body of your content as opposed to the footer or header sections, which is where most navigation bars and CSS menu functions are typically placed?

Well, it turns out that Google themselves claim that their closely guarded search engine algorithms give much less weight to site-wide header links and those placed in the footer section of website pages than those that appear either as strategically positioned anchor links in the main body of your paragraph text or within nested lists which appear as part of a DIV in the body of each page.

Are header and footer links important to on-site SEO?This means that although it might be more useful and functional to put your navigation links at the top or bottom of the pages you have designed, you can strengthen the effectiveness of your onsite SEO by including additional hyperlinks as part of the written on-age content as this will help enormously when your site is crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders.

As always, a clearly defined linking structure is of paramount importance from a web designers point of view as this is what will ultimately drive your visitors from one landing page to the next when browsing the inner pages your site. However, this is not to say that you should avoid putting links in the header and footer sections or sidebar menus altogether.

Rather that you should always reinforce your linking strategy using carefully placed inline anchor text links that appear either within the paragraph text itself or as part of an on-page link list with a brief description of the products and services you offer next to each item which is easy to read and straightforward to navigate.