Google Voice Search to feature in Search Analytics?

Google’s Search Console Analytics May Soon Include Voice Search Filters

As more and more internet users are taking advantage of Google’s voice searching features, it stands to reason that search console analytics could soon be updated to include data specific to online voice queries.

With the introduction of a number of new online search tools, such as Google Home and Google Assistant, which are now easily accessible on any modern mobile phone, there has been a steady increase in the number of webmasters who want to know whether or not their websites are appearing in the voice search results alongside the actual queries that are attracting traffic to their sites.

Whereas image searches and searches using other filters are already being listed in Search Analytics individually, there is currently no way of filtering the results for Voice searches in isolation, although the data is included as part of the broader search results.

According to Gary Illyes, Google are “looking into” the idea of adding voice search reports to the search console, although this hasn’t happened yet. In fact, there was even talk of adding a Voice search filter to the search console by Google themselves and this was over a year ago.
With recent reports indicating that around a fifth of all online searches are now carried out using voice, we think it would be a good idea for Google to implement this functionality as quickly as possible, particularly with so many users interested in the possibility of such a feature.