Mobile First will not roll out all in one go

Google’s Mobile First Index Will Not Be Launched “All In One Go”

When asked about the introduction of the new Mobile First index, and how it would actually take place and be implemented, Google’s John Mueller replied that they were planning on switching sites over as and when they are ready, and in chunks, as opposed to having a single launch date when the entire index goes live at once.

He also said that the details were still in work, meaning that even he wasn’t entirely sure how and when the launch would be implemented down to the finest level of detail.

Of course, last month we brought you news that Google was hinting at the index being launched in approved “batches” anyway, by switching sites over in tested groups to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible, so this is something that we have known about for a while.

However, the problem with this approach is that SEOs and webmasters will obviously be faced with a lot of confusion, with ranking signals, algorithms and search positions constantly being fine-tuned and remaining completely unsettled for however long the changeover takes.