Google intrusive mobile signals starting to take issue with live chat boxes

Google’s Intrusive Mobile Interstitials Penalty is Targeting Large Onscreen Chat Boxes

John Mueller has recently confirmed that some chat boxes are now being hit by the intrusive mobile interstitial penalty.

The penalty itself is designed to demote websites that use oversized adverts and pop ups that are placed on top of the main page content and obscuring the images and text that users are trying to access.

Many online businesses are now using live chat boxes as a means of providing real-time communication between online visitors and customer support.

If you are in this category and you wish to avoid a penalty from Google then you need to make sure that the chat box itself is clearly visible, yet neatly tucked away as a floating icon in the corner of the screen which only expands to cover the screen when a Smartphone user clicks on it or wishes to use the feature.

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