Google Webmaster Guidelines Updated

Every now and then, the team over at Google Headquarters introduce new guidelines and updates which see new protocols added and some of the more outdated guidelines removed altogether.  The most recent of these updated guidelines are designed to help webmasters promote their websites more effectively whilst improving the online browsing experience of everyone using the internet across every different type of device, ranging from smart phones and tablets through to desktops and touch screens.

As far as the latest clarifications are concerned, there are three major Google Webmaster Guidelines that really stand out which should certainly be taken on board and be adhered to should you wish your website to remain ahead of the competition.

First of all, HTTPS plays a much more significant role in terms of ensuring your online success as Google now takes secure communications a lot more seriously.  This means that your site should be able to ensure the privacy and integrity of two way communications between the website owner and their visitors.  Although HTTPS has, up until recently, mainly been used for online payment transactions and  to ensure bank details and credit card information were kept private from prying eyes, it now plays a dominant role in terms of keeping web privacy at an all time high by protecting the end user’s identity and keeping their personal privacy in tact.  (Responsive Website)

The second major update to the aforementioned guidelines is that Webmasters should now always ensure that their websites are designed to be completely Responsive from the ground up.  Gone are the days where it was simply enough to ensure you had one version of a website suitable for desktop machines and another primarily aimed at mobile devices.  It is now of critical concern that every website on the internet should be completely resizable and compatible with every conceivable browsing device without compromise.

Of course, if you need a Responsive design based on an existing website, then you can always contact a professional web design and SEO firm such as Weblinx Limited for any assistance in order to make certain your site is well and truly Responsive to the highest degree.  It is now your responsibility to ensure your site looks good on every viewport ranging from iPhones and Touch Screen Tablets through to the latest large 4k monitors and Apple Retina displays.  (Reader Accessibility Tips)

The final update to the Google Webmaster Guidelines is that of readership accessibility.   With more and more disabled and visually impaired users making use of the world wide web, it has now become essential that your website  is easily readable by screen-reader software offering a user friendly, text-to-speech compatible experience so that your site is well and truly within reach to all who use it.

Of course, there are many more minor additions that have been included with the latest Webmaster Guidelines Updates and we will always do our best to keep you posted should anything major arise in the not too distant future.