Google Signals & Ranking Algorithms Never Forget!

It’s common knowledge that Google likes to keep tabs on website changes and page updates in a historical archive – but did you know that some of that information could be influencing your organic listing positions?

Of course, not all algorithms and signals base their ranking decisions on what has happened in the past – but it makes sense to assume that at least some of them might.

Which Algorithms Remember Things and Which Do Not?
When asked, via Twitter, which particular algorithms and ranking signals remembered things – Google’s John Mueller replied, “They pretty much all do. e.g. if we find a link to a URL, it’s based on the site as it was back then. Some things collect over time.”

He further went on to say:
“The various algorithms that we have they do try to be fast and responding to what’s out there on the web. But some of them are fast, some of them are a bit slower, some of them like to take into account more of the history of what has been changing.”

This would seem to indicate that there are algorithms in place that, in some instances, do use an archive of previous page updates to help determine where a site will rank in the search listings.