Google Ranking Is Unaffected By How Long A Domain Name Is Registered For

Although this may not be news for some, it seems that there are webmasters out there who still believe that the longer a domain name has been registered for, the better their website will rank.

However, this is entirely not the case and there have been posts stating this as far back as 2008 and beyond.

Back in the early days, domain name registration lengths that lasted a few years were sometimes interpreted as a good sign that a website was here to stay and not just some overnight creation that was being used for spam-based linking tactics.

Domain Registration Length vs Age of Domain
Although an extended domain name registration length might show that a webmaster is highly committed to their website and online business, it seems to have very little impact at all in terms of influencing SEO performance. Of course, it is important to realize that the length of time a domain name has been registered for DOES hold weight as a ranking factor – so a website that has been registered for a good number of years will usually rank higher than a site that has only been registered for a couple of months.

So, Why Does Google Ignore Domain Registration Length?
According to John Mueller, one of the main reasons domain registration length isn’t used as a ranking signal is the simple fact that so many domain name registrars simply do not publish expiration dates online – which makes it virtually impossible to determine how long competing URL names have been registered for.

To end on an amusing note, as one forum user posted – if domain name registration length was an influencing factor then we would probably see hundreds of webmasters registering their domain names for hundreds of years into the future as a simple way of outranking the competition!