Google is Not Going to Provide a Mobile Popup Testing Tool for Interstitials

Google is Not Going to Provide a Mobile Popup Testing Tool for Interstitials

Following on from our recent article on the new penalty which will demote websites in the organic search engine listings for delivering intrusive interstitial ads, otherwise known as “mobile pop ups”, it has just been announced that Google has no plans whatsoever of providing a mobile interstitials testing tool which will inform a webmaster whether their use of a mobile pop up app is considered intrusive or not.

According to Kazushi Nagayama – who works as a Japanese representative for the international search giant – the Google Search Console and mobile usability reports are not going to be updated in any way, shape or form in order to provide any valuable insights as to whether or not a website will be demoted by the new ranking signal algorithm.

With three out of every four readers in a recent opinion poll expressing interest in such a tool – this seems like something of an unlikely oversight on Google’s part – so now it seems that webmasters will just have to stick to the guidelines using their own powers of judgement and look out for any sudden drop in search positions once they have added or changed their mobile pop ups.

Mr Nagayama says that the main reason a mobile interstitials testing tool will not be provided by Google is that there is simply no need for one – as webmasters should easily be able to work out for themselves whether their pop ups break the rules or not – just by looking at their web pages.

As stated in a previous post, the main type of pop up which will result in a website being demoted are the large and intrusive ads which obscure the content of a page and interfere with accessibility from a users standpoint.

The types of interstitials that are allowed include cookie usage notification / acceptance pop ups, legal age verification dialogs, login dialog boxes for content that is served from behind a paywall which cannot be indexed anyway, and small unobtrusive pop ups which are easy to dismiss.