HTTPS still holds a slight increase to ranking

Google confirm HTTPS still provides a slight ranking boost

Gary Illyes has just confirmed that the Google HTTPS ranking boost, which was first introduced back in 2014, still works in exactly the same way with no change whatsoever in terms of the weight attributed to the signal.

In Gary’s exact words, HTTPS still provides “a minimal boost” and there are no plans by Google to change any of this – both now or in the future. Of course, Google are known to change their minds from time to time, so we will keep you posted if anything does change.
How does the HTTPS ranking boost work?

Google introduced a number of changes to help promote internet security on the web and, since 2014, they have rewarded all sites encrypted with HTTPS with a slight ranking boost that promotes these sites in the search results. It works by checking whether or not the URL of a page begins with “HTTPS”.

So, for now, if your website is not HTTPS encrypted and you are looking to improve your ranking positions (albeit, slightly), then migrating the more secure protocol still offers a small but considerable benefit in SEO terms.