Google Analytics now collating data into property sets

Google Augments Search Console Property Sets with Additional Reports

Earlier this year, Google added some new functionality to their Search Console Analytics that enabled webmasters to combine search properties into new “sets”.

The basic idea was for webmasters to be able to collect http, https, www, non-www versions of their analytics together in order to provide one, combined report for easier viewing, based on whichever properties a user wanted to analyse.

Earlier last week, Google updated this functionality again so that webmasters could now combine many more reports into single groups or sets, such as hreflang / internationalization markup reports, mobile usability reports and AMP implementation reviews. Other property sets that you can now group together include Android app reports, rich cards and blocked resources.

In fact, Google have now said that a webmaster can now add any properties they want to a set once they have been crawled and verified.

Virtually every Google Search Console user we have spoken to about the new upgrade has given positive feedback, with many claiming that the new functionality to be exceptionally useful.

What are the Advantages of Property Sets?

In Google’s own words, Property Sets are intrinsically useful for showing a webmaster how their business is seen by the search engine across many different websites or apps. They are particularly useful for those with multiple brand-specific websites or for those with several international variations of a given website.

By collecting data together from a large number of sites and presenting that information in a single report, a business owner can see how their online presence is progressing over time in its entirety, as opposed to having to look at several individual reports to gain valuable insights into the overall picture.