Google Analytics – A Free Mobile App for Webmasters and SEOs

If you want to keep track of your search engine performance, particularly when you are out and about or on the move, you’ll be thrilled to bits with the new mobile app for the team at Google.

This new and exciting piece of software is compatible with Android and iOS devices and, we’ve got to admit, it’s actually quite addictive. As an added bonus, the Google Analytics mobile app is available to everyone and is being provided completely free of charge.

So, what can you do with the new app?

Once installed, the Google mobile app offers a variety of innovative and highly useful features and it also enables you to create your own custom view dashboards based on the statistics you’re most interested in.

For example, if you are interested in the number of new users who have accessed your website during the past week, or you want to know the precise percentages of desktop visitors versus mobile and tablet users, the handy analytics app will allow you to keep track of this information all in one place. You can also share these filtered results and customized data sets with your colleagues in real-time.

In addition to live statistics, up to date information can easily be compared with historical performance, and this enables you to see any distinct changes between certain dates (for example, following web design changes or an email marketing campaign) whilst establishing, at a glance, which channels are being used to access your content. This could be broken down into categories such as organic search, social media, referrals or links from affiliate sites.

Here is a quick preview of the software, in action:

Google Analytics mobile app screenshot

You can grab a copy of the app from Google Play (PC or Windows based phones) or Apple’s App Store (iPhone, iPad or Mac OS).

Happy tracking!