Google major updates and news announcements will still be made public

Any ‘major’ algorithm updates will continue to be announced by Google

Although most webmasters and SEO companies will tell you that Google are not the most forthcoming of companies when it comes to announcing new updates and revisions where their algorithms are concerned, Gary Illyes has recently announced that any “major” updates or “significant” changes will be publicized and discussed in depth.

However, during the same session, Gary also announced that there had been 2 updates the previous day, 2 on the same day and a further 2 planned for the following day! Of course, there was no mention on what these updates were about or how they would affect search positions amongst those affected.

So what can we learn from this?

With Google constantly revising and rethinking their existing search engine algorithms, and with hundreds of small updates going under the radar, it seems that only the big changes are going to be publicized. So it seems that with any of the large scale updates, i.e. the ones that will have a dramatic impact on the way that search works, such as the impending launch of the “Mobile First Index”, we can relax safe in the knowledge that users will be notified in advanced.

Of course, we will always do our best to let you know if we hear about any of these updates in the future – including the smaller tweaks that do go unpublished and unconfirmed by the search giant.