The HTTPS adoption - what is it?

HTTPS Adoption Trend Gains Even More Momentum

In a recent blog post that was published a few months ago on our site, we spoke about a dramatic increase in the number of websites adopting the HTTPS protocol […]

SEO should be given reasonable calendar time to be proven successful

SEOs Should Be Given 4 to 12 Months Before You Expect to See Results

According to a recent video publication by Google’s Maile Ohye, when you hire the services of an SEO in order to improve your visibility on the world’s leading search engine, […]

No Ranking Penalty for Those Who Do Not Link Out

Early last year, Google’s Gary Illyes issued a statement in which he vented his anger at websites that refused to link out. In particular, he was angry with a number […]

Be sure to optimise your site for Google mobile search

Make Sure You Optimize for Mobile – Google’s Main SEO Advice for 2017

Although most SEOs are quite confident and perfectly comfortable in terms of optimizing on-page content for desktop websites, 2017 will see the introduction of the brand new mobile first index […]

Intrusive Interstitials in mobile design to be frowned upon by Google

Google Now Rolling Out Penalties for Intrusive Interstitials on Mobile

Both John Mueller and Gary Illyes have recently confirmed that Google has just started rolling out a brand new penalty system for webmasters using intrusive interstitials on mobile websites.  The […]