Mobile First will not roll out all in one go

Google’s Mobile First Index Will Not Be Launched “All In One Go”

When asked about the introduction of the new Mobile First index, and how it would actually take place and be implemented, Google’s John Mueller replied that they were planning on […]

Move to mobile friendly site design before the Mobile First index rolls out!

Migrating from a Mobile Only Website to a Responsive Design Should Be Done Now – Before Google’s Mobile-First Index Goes Live

If you are planning to migrate from an m-dot site to a fully responsive website then the time to do so is now, or at least a before the mobile-first […]

A change of URL can take up to 3 months for ranking switch-over to fully occur

Moving Your Site to a New URL Can Takes Months, Not Weeks to Process

Gary Illyes has recently spoken out about the length of time it takes Google to fully catch up with the changes that have been made when somebody has decided to […]

Produce content in non-english languages to improve search ranking

Google: Non-English Content Can Provide Excellent Keyword Ranking Opportunities

If you are looking for an effective way to get to the top of the search results, whilst reaping the benefits of promoting your products and services to a much […]

Google major updates and news announcements will still be made public

Any ‘major’ algorithm updates will continue to be announced by Google

Although most webmasters and SEO companies will tell you that Google are not the most forthcoming of companies when it comes to announcing new updates and revisions where their algorithms […]