Facebook Likes are not used as a Google Ranking Signal

Back in 2011, Google issued a statement saying that Facebook Likes had no effect on SERPs positions and, according to a recent Twitter post from Gary Illyes, this statement still […]

It’s Official – Google Fred Algorithm is Up and Running

Around 6 weeks ago, we issued a blog post that stated a new Google Algorithm had just been introduced, which was having a strange affect on a number of ranking […]

Keywords in URLs – Are They Really Necessary for SEO?

The subject of whether or not the inclusion of major keywords in URLs is a worthwhile exercise in SEO terms is not exactly new. In fact, it was almost 11 […]

The HTTPS adoption - what is it?

HTTPS Adoption Trend Gains Even More Momentum

In a recent blog post that was published a few months ago on our site, we spoke about a dramatic increase in the number of websites adopting the HTTPS protocol […]

SEO should be given reasonable calendar time to be proven successful

SEOs Should Be Given 4 to 12 Months Before You Expect to See Results

According to a recent video publication by Google’s Maile Ohye, when you hire the services of an SEO in order to improve your visibility on the world’s leading search engine, […]